Are you ready to feel good now?

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What's in it for you?

  • Get the life

    You’ll learn eight activities that can be used day after day. They'll help you create the life you love. They are simple, straightforward, tried and tested for success.

  • Get together

    You'll be in good company as there have been many others on a similar journey. You can also take part with friends and family. You'll also get a personal journal. Plus bonus activities and cheat sheets.

  • Get attitude

    You’ll hear about the six attributes that make a real difference to getting you back at the top of your game. You can gain and grow these attitudes so that you feel empowered.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Start here ... 8 Days 2 Feel Good Now
    • A big hello ... your introduction
    • Day 01 Breathe and Smile
    • Day 01 Activity - Audio file and Breathe
    • Day 02 Inner Chatter - Listen
    • Day 03 Inner Chatter - Challenge
    • Day 04 Transform through beliefs
    • Day 05 Affirmations
    • Day 06 The Curve of Change
    • Day 07 Worry Wisely
    • Day 08 Your Life Web

What is your investment?

You get an email every other day with a link to a video for you to watch. Each video will be around 20 minutes. I share one simple activity with you to for you to take action. Each technique will help you begin to feel good now. There are eight activities that build on each other over a period of 16 days. Leading you to develop my six attitudes for coping with big changes in your life and developing your ‘brand new, new normal’.


Inspiring you to thrive not just survive!

  • Sallie Crawley


    Sallie Crawley

    She is a qualified Life Coach and ILM qualified Executive Coach and Mentor, a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and trained as a Hypnotherapist. Sallie believes strongly in continuous professional development and has undertaken ILM qualifications in Train the Trainer, Transactional Analysis, Paradox & Tension Management and Conflict Resolution & Mediation. She has also gained certification in Anxiety & Stress Management, Nutrition & Weight Management, Pain Management, Mindfulness and a diploma in Indian Head Massage. Since overcoming breast cancer and surviving a heart attack, she specialises in helping people that have had a life changing event learn to live life and love life again. She helps with anxiety, panic, sleeplessness, dietary changes, relaxation, smoking cessation and confidence.

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Your life feels like it has been shaken and stirred? You're fed up feeling pants and want to feel good now? You're looking to get your mojo back? You're not sure how to get started?